Meet Léonieke Ariaans

About her

With over 5 years of experience in the field of foreign/second language training, instructor Léonieke Ariaans has trained a few thousand participants of universities and universities of applied sciences throughout the Netherlands. Driven by the belief that everyone should have access to high-quality communication training, Léonieke sets out to ensure that such services are also available to students and young professionals, not just those who are enrolled in educational programmes at Dutch universities, or high-paying customers. Such services should not be heavily reliant on a coursebook, a so-called one-size-fits-all approach.

Learner’s needs

There is quite a bit of variation between learner’s needs, especially in a country where English is not just used as a foreign language these days, but more and more used as a second one. For example, some universities in this country have recently announced to have changed their language policy and have now adopted the English language as the first language of communication. Such developments show that having well-developed English skills is vital these days.

The aim of foreign or second language instruction

As English is becoming more and more important in the Netherlands, language and communication training should, therefore, provide relatively young users of English with the opportunity to develop and acquire skills they actually need; that is to eventually help them enter the educational programme of their choosing, and/or land that dream job after graduation. The result is that she is now available to facilitate workshops and courses in the evenings and at the weekend. Such workshops are available to young people who wish to really develop skills and take their proficiency in English to the next level to allow them to obtain the best possible opportunities in life.

Her educational background

She is an academically trained and Cambridge ESOL CELTA-certified language & communication trainer/instructor and the owner of LSA LINGUA – Communication Services and Consultancy, which she founded five years ago.  Please note that this Cambridge certificate had been obtained in 2014 in Vancouver, Canada prior to that, which has allowed her to offer Cambridge ESOL Exam training courses. Besides her international educational training experiences and certification, she also holds a Master’s degree in International Business Communication Studies, which has been obtained at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Moreover, she is currently in the process of obtaining her second one in English Linguistics, i.e. specialization Language & Communication Coaching – focused on the development of tailor-made training services.

The bottom line

All these experiences allow her to offer you a high-quality and result-driven approach to English learning in terms of how to communicate more effectively and thus clearer, so as to avoid ‘Say-WHAT-now?! moments for the interlocutors of Dutchies, and to allow for more meaningful, cross-cultural relationships to be established. Please contact us for more information.

Educational institutions she has collaborated and/or has been collaborating with: